Selasa, 7 April 2009

Week 14

6/4… Today my friend and I were meeting my professor for Training Design subject to know about group mark. We go to the “JPPPL” at Faculty of Educational to meet the professor at 10.00 am. All the members group was being there, if not the professor don’t want to meet the group. Because of the professor have a guest, we perforce waiting a long time until 1.30 pm. Just imagine how we very patient that time. After we get meet a professor we know that our mark are not be higher but what we can do? Just patient at all.
7/4… Today class will be started like usual. Today also have a free lunch for my batch because to celebrate our successful program it is an “Awareness Program”. They give our some food like meehoon and drink. I feel very happy because I can get save my money for lunch. Beside that I also didn’t have a cash money and just depend on my meal plan card only. Fortunately my meal plan card have more money so it can be support my eat at here.
8/4... Today I'm not going anywhere because I'm busy study for exam. Final exam will be started at 13/4 it is a next week. I'm feel so scared because this semester I'm not confident to get a best result like first semester before. But I'm still pray so that I can get answer all question later. My first exam is a subject Thinking Skill at 5.00 until 7.00 pm in DP-G1 behind the UPM mosque. After that my next exam at 17/4 so, I have more time to read a next book. Today, my college have a fogging because one of the student get a dengue. Fortunately I have a class that time so, I be safely.
9/4... Today I have one presentation for subject Thinking Skill.This is my last presentation so I feel very happy because after that I just focus only for my final exam. Many book I not yet to read that why I'm feel so worried.
10/4... That day I plan with my friends want to go the Mainds to show a new movie. Before the final exam was started we want release a tension. We plan want go after the Andragogy class was finished at 12.00 pm and we want go by bus commuter UPM so that we can save our money.

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