Khamis, 2 April 2009

Week 13

30/3... Today I'M not going to the class because I'm fever. Besides that I already at home. Today I also have one presentation it is a "Hubungan Etnik" but my friend will take over my place.
31/3... Today I weak up early because today I have presentation for Training Design subject. Although I fever I permanent want go to the class because the presentation marks will be take it in group. I don't want because of me all my friends will cannot get a mark.After class I go to the "Pusat Kesihatan Universiti" to do a medical check up. The doctor said that I have a dengue. I'm very shock about that.
1/4... Today I perforce to go the "PKU"to take a blood and the condition will same like before. The doctor was suggested so that I take more rest so today I get a MC. The doctor also take my phone number to give at Health Department.
2/4... Today I must wake up early because I should go to the Health Medical Center to take a blood because the doctor was suspect me get a dengue. That day I also get a "MC" but I'm still go to the class because I have a presentation with my friend. If I didn't go I can't get a mark.
3/4... Today I also must go to the clinic to checking my blood because my blood still not normal. The doctor was said that my white blood was be down from normal. The checking was finish late so that day I did not go to the class but I'm going back at home.
4/4... Today I wake up early because I want go to the Hospital Kajang to checking my blood. I go with my parents and the doctor at UPM was given me a guarantee letter if I enter the wad at Kajang. The UPM also give a guarantee to pay all my cost medical. If I enter the wad, I will enter the second class wad. But that day the doctor was said that my blood was come back to the normal. I'm feel so happy about that because I'm no need to taking a blood again.
5/4... Today, I'm at home and I want go to the picnic with my family. We want go to the Port Dickson.We go at 9.00 am with two cars. I feel very happy because long time my family don't go to the picnic. We go back home at 8.00 pm and I feel very tired because tomorrow I have a morning class.

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