Selasa, 24 Mac 2009

Week 12

23/3... Today,the ESMP for register any subject will be opening. I get up early because I want my PA open my ESMP so I get register my subject. When my PA was open my ESMP, the ESMP was written that I have a debt with UPM. My friend and I went in Bursar office to pay the debt. After I pay I can register my any subject and I was register for my curriculum in finishing. I very happy because I really want entering the finishing and lastly I get it.
24/3... Tonight my college have a play game it is a "teng-teng" and "batu seremban". I'm not involve that game but I'm still going to support my friends so that my friend was win. The game was started at 9.00 pm and finish at 11.00 pm. Beside I'm go to gave support to my friend, I also get a merit so I get two in one.
25/3... Today I didn't have a morning class but I'm still have a one discussion with my group about presentation Interpersonal skill. The discussion was be done at cafeteria college Chancelor at 10.00 am until 12.00 pm. It is because some of we have a class.
26/3... Tonight my floor will have a Al-Mulk reading at 9.00 pm. I like if have a reading Al-Mulk because I can save my money for dinner. After that I have one meeting block at 10.30 pm in televisyen room.Many things we are discussion like about out safety, cleaning a floor and the others.
27/3... Today after finish my class my friends and I was went at Mainds for buying several things like some food or shampoo and the others. We go there at 12.30 pm by bus Comuter UPM for save a money. Althought I'm feel not very well I'm still want to follow my friends because I dont know what to do in my room. Tonight also must be sending a merit book for decide weather I can still stay at college or not for the next semester.
29/3... Today, I have one class it is a Interpersonal Communication because my lecture want finishing the selivuos before the final exam. The class will be satarted at 2.00 pm until 5.00 pm in DKAP C-2 at Faculty of Educational. I plan I want to go back home but suddenly have a class so I'm perforce invalid my plan. So sad....

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