Ahad, 22 Mac 2009

Week 11

16/3... Today I'm not going anywhere because I want to complete my assigment because next week we must send all the assigment especially for subject Training Design. My class today only at evening it is a "Hubungan Etnik". So I have more time to complete my all assigment.
17/3... This night I have a reading Al-Mulk at 9.00 pm.Tonight the reading Al-Mulk will be done at room my friend. I came early because I want to help my friend prepare the food and drink. The Al-Mulk was finish at 10.00 pm.
18/3... Tonight I have a meeting at K6. The meeting was started at 8.30 pm until 12.30 pm. At there we disscus about our program is a cancer awareness. Manythings our disscus like tentative, who want handle the VVIP and many more.
19/3... Today after my class finish, my friend and I was went in Mainds because I want release my tension because I'm very tension about our program. Because I'm not have a class in afternoon so my friend and I was go back the college almost at 7.00 pm.
20/3... Today all my classmate was went at K17 because we have one rehearsal about our program it is a cancer awareness at 22/3. We went early at 9.00 am until 6.00 pm by bus. One day we in K17, eat, pray and all the things we done at there.
21/3... This night we have one full rehearsal in K17. Early at 7.00 pm we went at there until 11.00 pm. My program in cancer awareness is a usher in the hall to receive all the professor and participants. That night we was decoration the hall so that the hall will become beautiful and look like very nice.
22/3... Today I wake up very early because the cancer awareness will be started at 7.30 am. The bus was coming at 7.00 am and I wake up at 6.10 am to prepare my self. This program also invite the YB Dato' Satim and my head department in JPPPL. We also invite a cancer survivor it is a CAED and CANWORK from Putrajaya, doctors from "Pusat Kesihatan Universiti". This program very clearly and finish at 1.30 pm.

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