Jumaat, 13 Mac 2009

Week 9

2/3... Today I dont have a morning class. That day I go to the Mainds because my lap top cannot open. Before that, I go to the lap top shop at Sri Serdang and the they said that my lap top was damage because the mother bord was fired. For repair the lap top he want eight hundred dollar that why I bring at Mainds. But at mainds the sale was said the same word that I must pay him eight hundred dollar. When I come back to the college I call my mum to inform her about my lap top.
3/3... After my class finish, my sister bring me to Berjaya Times Squere for repair my lap top. Althought its so far... I'm perforce to bring at there because at there have a counter service for Acer lap top and my lap top still in warranty. They promise me I will take back my lap top after three day. I'm felt very sad about that.
4/3... This night I have a reading Al-Mulk at my floor. The Al-Mulk was start at 9.30 pm and finish at 10.00 o'clock. I'm felt happy because beside I can meet my friend I also can get a food, so I can save my money for that day.
5/3... Today my floor will organize one function it is a function for final year student. That evening I was helping them to cutting a vegetables like tomato and also the onion. I also help them to renovation a televisyen room because we will do at there. The function was start at 9.00 pm until 11.00 pm. That night have a many food and also one cake. We invite each MTM college also block.
6/3... Today I will go back home after my class finish. I felt very happy an go back home because I very miss my nephew. I go back home with the comuter and that day have a many people until I'm perforce waiting the second comuter. I felt very tired that day and after I arrive at home I sleep until night.
7/3... This afternoon my family and I was went at Puchong because my cousin will engage. I go to the Puchong at 12.00 pm. I was help my auntie to make a what we call "Hantaran" to giving at boy. I compile the fruit in the basket.

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