Selasa, 7 April 2009

Week 14

6/4… Today my friend and I were meeting my professor for Training Design subject to know about group mark. We go to the “JPPPL” at Faculty of Educational to meet the professor at 10.00 am. All the members group was being there, if not the professor don’t want to meet the group. Because of the professor have a guest, we perforce waiting a long time until 1.30 pm. Just imagine how we very patient that time. After we get meet a professor we know that our mark are not be higher but what we can do? Just patient at all.
7/4… Today class will be started like usual. Today also have a free lunch for my batch because to celebrate our successful program it is an “Awareness Program”. They give our some food like meehoon and drink. I feel very happy because I can get save my money for lunch. Beside that I also didn’t have a cash money and just depend on my meal plan card only. Fortunately my meal plan card have more money so it can be support my eat at here.
8/4... Today I'm not going anywhere because I'm busy study for exam. Final exam will be started at 13/4 it is a next week. I'm feel so scared because this semester I'm not confident to get a best result like first semester before. But I'm still pray so that I can get answer all question later. My first exam is a subject Thinking Skill at 5.00 until 7.00 pm in DP-G1 behind the UPM mosque. After that my next exam at 17/4 so, I have more time to read a next book. Today, my college have a fogging because one of the student get a dengue. Fortunately I have a class that time so, I be safely.
9/4... Today I have one presentation for subject Thinking Skill.This is my last presentation so I feel very happy because after that I just focus only for my final exam. Many book I not yet to read that why I'm feel so worried.
10/4... That day I plan with my friends want to go the Mainds to show a new movie. Before the final exam was started we want release a tension. We plan want go after the Andragogy class was finished at 12.00 pm and we want go by bus commuter UPM so that we can save our money.

Khamis, 2 April 2009

Week 13

30/3... Today I'M not going to the class because I'm fever. Besides that I already at home. Today I also have one presentation it is a "Hubungan Etnik" but my friend will take over my place.
31/3... Today I weak up early because today I have presentation for Training Design subject. Although I fever I permanent want go to the class because the presentation marks will be take it in group. I don't want because of me all my friends will cannot get a mark.After class I go to the "Pusat Kesihatan Universiti" to do a medical check up. The doctor said that I have a dengue. I'm very shock about that.
1/4... Today I perforce to go the "PKU"to take a blood and the condition will same like before. The doctor was suggested so that I take more rest so today I get a MC. The doctor also take my phone number to give at Health Department.
2/4... Today I must wake up early because I should go to the Health Medical Center to take a blood because the doctor was suspect me get a dengue. That day I also get a "MC" but I'm still go to the class because I have a presentation with my friend. If I didn't go I can't get a mark.
3/4... Today I also must go to the clinic to checking my blood because my blood still not normal. The doctor was said that my white blood was be down from normal. The checking was finish late so that day I did not go to the class but I'm going back at home.
4/4... Today I wake up early because I want go to the Hospital Kajang to checking my blood. I go with my parents and the doctor at UPM was given me a guarantee letter if I enter the wad at Kajang. The UPM also give a guarantee to pay all my cost medical. If I enter the wad, I will enter the second class wad. But that day the doctor was said that my blood was come back to the normal. I'm feel so happy about that because I'm no need to taking a blood again.
5/4... Today, I'm at home and I want go to the picnic with my family. We want go to the Port Dickson.We go at 9.00 am with two cars. I feel very happy because long time my family don't go to the picnic. We go back home at 8.00 pm and I feel very tired because tomorrow I have a morning class.

Selasa, 24 Mac 2009

Week 12

23/3... Today,the ESMP for register any subject will be opening. I get up early because I want my PA open my ESMP so I get register my subject. When my PA was open my ESMP, the ESMP was written that I have a debt with UPM. My friend and I went in Bursar office to pay the debt. After I pay I can register my any subject and I was register for my curriculum in finishing. I very happy because I really want entering the finishing and lastly I get it.
24/3... Tonight my college have a play game it is a "teng-teng" and "batu seremban". I'm not involve that game but I'm still going to support my friends so that my friend was win. The game was started at 9.00 pm and finish at 11.00 pm. Beside I'm go to gave support to my friend, I also get a merit so I get two in one.
25/3... Today I didn't have a morning class but I'm still have a one discussion with my group about presentation Interpersonal skill. The discussion was be done at cafeteria college Chancelor at 10.00 am until 12.00 pm. It is because some of we have a class.
26/3... Tonight my floor will have a Al-Mulk reading at 9.00 pm. I like if have a reading Al-Mulk because I can save my money for dinner. After that I have one meeting block at 10.30 pm in televisyen room.Many things we are discussion like about out safety, cleaning a floor and the others.
27/3... Today after finish my class my friends and I was went at Mainds for buying several things like some food or shampoo and the others. We go there at 12.30 pm by bus Comuter UPM for save a money. Althought I'm feel not very well I'm still want to follow my friends because I dont know what to do in my room. Tonight also must be sending a merit book for decide weather I can still stay at college or not for the next semester.
29/3... Today, I have one class it is a Interpersonal Communication because my lecture want finishing the selivuos before the final exam. The class will be satarted at 2.00 pm until 5.00 pm in DKAP C-2 at Faculty of Educational. I plan I want to go back home but suddenly have a class so I'm perforce invalid my plan. So sad....

Ahad, 22 Mac 2009

Week 11

16/3... Today I'm not going anywhere because I want to complete my assigment because next week we must send all the assigment especially for subject Training Design. My class today only at evening it is a "Hubungan Etnik". So I have more time to complete my all assigment.
17/3... This night I have a reading Al-Mulk at 9.00 pm.Tonight the reading Al-Mulk will be done at room my friend. I came early because I want to help my friend prepare the food and drink. The Al-Mulk was finish at 10.00 pm.
18/3... Tonight I have a meeting at K6. The meeting was started at 8.30 pm until 12.30 pm. At there we disscus about our program is a cancer awareness. Manythings our disscus like tentative, who want handle the VVIP and many more.
19/3... Today after my class finish, my friend and I was went in Mainds because I want release my tension because I'm very tension about our program. Because I'm not have a class in afternoon so my friend and I was go back the college almost at 7.00 pm.
20/3... Today all my classmate was went at K17 because we have one rehearsal about our program it is a cancer awareness at 22/3. We went early at 9.00 am until 6.00 pm by bus. One day we in K17, eat, pray and all the things we done at there.
21/3... This night we have one full rehearsal in K17. Early at 7.00 pm we went at there until 11.00 pm. My program in cancer awareness is a usher in the hall to receive all the professor and participants. That night we was decoration the hall so that the hall will become beautiful and look like very nice.
22/3... Today I wake up very early because the cancer awareness will be started at 7.30 am. The bus was coming at 7.00 am and I wake up at 6.10 am to prepare my self. This program also invite the YB Dato' Satim and my head department in JPPPL. We also invite a cancer survivor it is a CAED and CANWORK from Putrajaya, doctors from "Pusat Kesihatan Universiti". This program very clearly and finish at 1.30 pm.

Jumaat, 13 Mac 2009

Week 10

10/3... Today I didn't go to the class because my group for training design was went at PERMATA at Bangi. We went at 8.00 by the taxi. We went at there because we want to look at about how their do it their training. We at there until 5.00 pm but the PERMATA was given the breakfast and lunch. We go back the college with one participant in the training because the taxi that we come just now has a problem. Fortunely she bring my team to go back a college if not we dont know how to go back the college.
11/3... This morning we should go to the six college because we must colour the bunting for my function it is a awareness cancer program at 22 march. I only colour three bunting because my was paintful. This night also have one exam it is a BBI exam at 8.00 pm until 9.30 pm. The exam will be done at DK 2. I felt very nervourse because I'm worried about their question but I hope I will be answer all the question.
12/3... At 12.30 pm I was meet my PA to request their sign for next semester course. I request their sign early because I want request a cocuriculum by next semester. I meet my PA with my friend. I get more advice from my PA that I can use in my future life.
13/3... Today after finish my class, my friend and I was going to the Mainds for relese tension for a while. My friend buy many things especially a biscuit Tiger because the biscuit was cheeper today. I go there by bus comuter UPM because it is free and I can save my money. We back to the college at 4.00 pm because the bus is very dificult to get the bus.
14/3... This night I have a "Majlis Makan Malam Rasmi" at Hotel Pan Pacific in KLIA. This function will be celebrate the final year student in my college. This function will be started at 8.00 pm until 11.00 pm. I will going with my roommate because my friends not also join the function because they have a cocuriculum. The theme is a contemporary style and we must wear the clothes in white or black colour.

Week 9

2/3... Today I dont have a morning class. That day I go to the Mainds because my lap top cannot open. Before that, I go to the lap top shop at Sri Serdang and the they said that my lap top was damage because the mother bord was fired. For repair the lap top he want eight hundred dollar that why I bring at Mainds. But at mainds the sale was said the same word that I must pay him eight hundred dollar. When I come back to the college I call my mum to inform her about my lap top.
3/3... After my class finish, my sister bring me to Berjaya Times Squere for repair my lap top. Althought its so far... I'm perforce to bring at there because at there have a counter service for Acer lap top and my lap top still in warranty. They promise me I will take back my lap top after three day. I'm felt very sad about that.
4/3... This night I have a reading Al-Mulk at my floor. The Al-Mulk was start at 9.30 pm and finish at 10.00 o'clock. I'm felt happy because beside I can meet my friend I also can get a food, so I can save my money for that day.
5/3... Today my floor will organize one function it is a function for final year student. That evening I was helping them to cutting a vegetables like tomato and also the onion. I also help them to renovation a televisyen room because we will do at there. The function was start at 9.00 pm until 11.00 pm. That night have a many food and also one cake. We invite each MTM college also block.
6/3... Today I will go back home after my class finish. I felt very happy an go back home because I very miss my nephew. I go back home with the comuter and that day have a many people until I'm perforce waiting the second comuter. I felt very tired that day and after I arrive at home I sleep until night.
7/3... This afternoon my family and I was went at Puchong because my cousin will engage. I go to the Puchong at 12.00 pm. I was help my auntie to make a what we call "Hantaran" to giving at boy. I compile the fruit in the basket.

Rabu, 25 Februari 2009

Week 8

23/2... Today I go to the library because I have one discussion about assignment "Hubungan Etnik". I go to the library with my friend at 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.
24/2... Today my group for "Hubungan Etnik" plan want to go the Minds for to do a research.We go there at 1.00 pm after the class was finish.We done a research about "What people perception about Orang Asli". I'm feel very happy because I can meat various people respone about us. Haven that want and also not to interview. We are perforce to find three etnic it is a Malay, Cina and also India to get a responed. My group come back to the college at 4.00 pm because after that we have a one class. I'm very happy because I get a new experience.
25/2... Today I get up early morning because I want to go the "Pesta IT" at college 13. I went there with my friend at 10.00 pm by bus. At there have a many things that was cheaper and interesting. After I survey all the shop at there, I decide to buy something. Lastly I buying the Bloothooth, lap top vacum and also skrin lap top. At the night agains my friend and I went the "Pesta IT" because my friend want to buy a camera. During we want go back to the college, rain was fall so we perfoce waiting at Putra Food Court until the rain stop.
26/2... Tonight I have one function it is a "Pesta GONG XI". That "Pesta will be done at "Bendahara hall" college Tun Perak. The function was start at 8.00 pm until 11.00 pm. I go there with my friend. At there have many traditional game Cina. I also involve in game and I get the present because I win the game "tiup baloon".