Jumaat, 13 Mac 2009

Week 10

10/3... Today I didn't go to the class because my group for training design was went at PERMATA at Bangi. We went at 8.00 by the taxi. We went at there because we want to look at about how their do it their training. We at there until 5.00 pm but the PERMATA was given the breakfast and lunch. We go back the college with one participant in the training because the taxi that we come just now has a problem. Fortunely she bring my team to go back a college if not we dont know how to go back the college.
11/3... This morning we should go to the six college because we must colour the bunting for my function it is a awareness cancer program at 22 march. I only colour three bunting because my was paintful. This night also have one exam it is a BBI exam at 8.00 pm until 9.30 pm. The exam will be done at DK 2. I felt very nervourse because I'm worried about their question but I hope I will be answer all the question.
12/3... At 12.30 pm I was meet my PA to request their sign for next semester course. I request their sign early because I want request a cocuriculum by next semester. I meet my PA with my friend. I get more advice from my PA that I can use in my future life.
13/3... Today after finish my class, my friend and I was going to the Mainds for relese tension for a while. My friend buy many things especially a biscuit Tiger because the biscuit was cheeper today. I go there by bus comuter UPM because it is free and I can save my money. We back to the college at 4.00 pm because the bus is very dificult to get the bus.
14/3... This night I have a "Majlis Makan Malam Rasmi" at Hotel Pan Pacific in KLIA. This function will be celebrate the final year student in my college. This function will be started at 8.00 pm until 11.00 pm. I will going with my roommate because my friends not also join the function because they have a cocuriculum. The theme is a contemporary style and we must wear the clothes in white or black colour.

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