Rabu, 25 Februari 2009

Week 8

23/2... Today I go to the library because I have one discussion about assignment "Hubungan Etnik". I go to the library with my friend at 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.
24/2... Today my group for "Hubungan Etnik" plan want to go the Minds for to do a research.We go there at 1.00 pm after the class was finish.We done a research about "What people perception about Orang Asli". I'm feel very happy because I can meat various people respone about us. Haven that want and also not to interview. We are perforce to find three etnic it is a Malay, Cina and also India to get a responed. My group come back to the college at 4.00 pm because after that we have a one class. I'm very happy because I get a new experience.
25/2... Today I get up early morning because I want to go the "Pesta IT" at college 13. I went there with my friend at 10.00 pm by bus. At there have a many things that was cheaper and interesting. After I survey all the shop at there, I decide to buy something. Lastly I buying the Bloothooth, lap top vacum and also skrin lap top. At the night agains my friend and I went the "Pesta IT" because my friend want to buy a camera. During we want go back to the college, rain was fall so we perfoce waiting at Putra Food Court until the rain stop.
26/2... Tonight I have one function it is a "Pesta GONG XI". That "Pesta will be done at "Bendahara hall" college Tun Perak. The function was start at 8.00 pm until 11.00 pm. I go there with my friend. At there have many traditional game Cina. I also involve in game and I get the present because I win the game "tiup baloon".

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