Selasa, 3 Februari 2009

week 5

This week is so busy...Every night i have an activity like meeting,discussion,kolej activity and others.This week also have one exam it is a Reka Bentuk Latihan only.
At 2nd Feb,my group and I went the Institut Gerontologi behind the Hospital Serdang.We go there because we want to do a research about old people for subject Andragogi.My group go at there at 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.
Yesterday,at my floor have a Al-Mulk reading. Al-Mulk usually do it at yesterday from one room to one room.After we read,we will given a some food and drink.
Today, 4rd Feb I have one replace class it is a "Hubungan Etnik" at 8.00 pm until 10.00 pm.After class I have one meeting for "Lari Berganti-ganti" at 10.30 pm.This night also have a DAMAK it's a Dasar Mesra Kolej at 10.30 pm as well.Today also it's so... busy.
5/2... Today my friends and I was went in Mainds after my class was finished. We going at there by bus because we want save our money. We go there because I want format my lap top because my lap top have a some problem. Although I perforce to pay very expensive but at there have a warranty and I feel better confident.

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