Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009

Week 3

12/1... After my class finish,my group for Training Design was went Institute PERMATA to do a some research. We went at 2.00 pm and come back to college at 5.00 pm. At PERMATA there are service my group very good.There are gave we some food and also drink. Fortunately I'm not late to go the next class.
13/1...Today I have two meeting it is a meeting flour and block. The meeting flour was start at 9.00 pm and meeting block was start after finishing the meeting flour.
14/1... This night at third flour my block college will had a "DAMAK". DAMAK was start at 10.30 pm.After finish the "DAMAK" we was given some food and drink. During the DAMAK we will be able to read a Yassin.
15/1... At 9.00 pm my college have organize "Bengkel Pengucapan Awam". That workshop will be to do for my one senior student and he's from the PBMP course. He's also is a agent UPM debate and was competitive at the national level.The workshop was finish at 10.30 pm.
16/1...Today after my class was finished, I go back to the home because tomorrow I want meet my friends at Kuala Lumpur. Besides that, I go back home because I want to taking a several things in m home. My mom said if I want anythings, I'm no need to buy but can take it at home only.
17/1... Today I wake up early because I want meet my friends. My friend will waiting me at Bank Negara, so I must be there on time. I go there by commuter and unfortunately, that day is very crowd in commuter. What can I do, I just be patient only.

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