Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

Week 1

Today second semester will be start. I'm so happy because I can get meet my friend and also recognize my new lecture.This semester my class only early morning and night but after that some lecture change the schedule like subject Andragogi and BBI 2409. For BBI class early is a night class but change to noon.
First week, we cannot start the class just recognize among each other.The classroom also still not confirm because a some reason.We often change the room class.
30/... First week is so best because I'm still not have any assignment or any work. So I just play any game that I like it until I don't know what games want to be play again. Besides that I always show the television especially Mega Movie story or Pearl Screen.
Not all subject doesn't have a class. For subject Training Design we already get a assignment weather assignment group or individual. We also already have a group for doing a assignment.

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