Isnin, 16 Februari 2009

Week 7

16/2...After finish my class my friend and I was go to the Minds at Serdang. We go at 11.00 am and come back to the college at 4.00 pm because I have a "Hubungan Etnik" class. I go to the Minds because I want to see anew movie it is a " Geng Upin and Ipin". The story is so funny and I feel not boring during see the movie. I also get a cheap thicket when I show my matric card they give me some discoun.
17/2... Today, I will be mate my friend go to the dental clinic. My friend and I will go over there after finish my class. Today I also want to go the UPM library for search the Training Design journal. I hope today I can found the journal.
At 19/2,Thursday I have one exam it is a Thinking Skill at DKFPP2. The examination was start at 10.00 am until 11.15 am. I hope the question was easy and what I read that I hope will exit.
20/2... Tomorrow I will go back home because I want make a preparation to one function in this weekend. The function it's for my nephew that that what we called is a "Cukur Jambul".
21/2... Today, the "Cukur Jambul" will be start at 10.00am and finish about 5.00 pm. During the function, the guess was sing a song "Marhaban" and then my newphew will be cut their hair.That day I felt so jealous with my nephew because she get more money and also some give.

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